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#296857 IMPORTANT <...

Posted by Chrish on 22 November 2016 - 12:22 AM



I don't want to write something lengthy, but I want to express my gratitude and respect for all of you guys that have stuck through thick and thin. I know it is cliche to say we had the best community, but we honestly did, it's the reason the majority of us have been together for over 3 years now.


We achieved more than we ever thought, a clan built by aussies, dominating the matched game for a long time, is something to be so fucking proud of and don't let our unfortunate events take away from that.


Again, thank you for everything and I will put up a bigger topic sometime soon with a little fame and shame of all the cunts I loved and hated


I love you my hellhounds <3


Also Apex you fucking suck l0000000000000000l, you literally lost to 12 hellhounds



#244955 If you could..

Posted by Arikinui on 19 June 2016 - 10:57 PM

Everyone who has mentioned me with the addition of pretty much everyone.


I'll start in Washington and meet up with the boy @Anthoni, we will drive round to @Zack house and pick him up to go on a lil detour to go smack up Serg. After we have slapped Serg around for a bit I will quickly bs Zack like I do at every Ruin trip. By this time anthoni will be too stoned but I will have planned for this and have had my dude @Sage waiting in another car to ditch. Me and Sage will go get lit with @Tribbyy and @Jamie and after a 16hr binge we will go on a mission to Rage's headquarters (Duvals shack) and ride over it with an excavator whilst they are all inside thus ending the rivalry. If shit goes bad I'll ditch all you fuckers though and run off to @YaBoiDylan house because he is a clever rich little white boy and the racist police of murica won't come looking for me at his place.


From America I will fly over to the foreign lands. I'll smoke a blunt with @Project OMG and after about 56hrs of sitting there laughing at his accent we will take the magic bus over to see @Phil, the 3 of us will locate @Allen for some irl calling as we hunt down the cunt who beat Phil up at the bar and bruised his ribs. After successfully killing that person and setting projects herb patch on fire (kids always too stoned to attend or be decent) I will stop by the land of the colonisers and see my northern English/half Scottish friend @Ross. I will stay with Ross for however long it takes to make him decent at f2p. After the job is done (I'll allow a week or 2 for this) we will go see @Kanicus at the warf. I will speak to his employer and provide them with that little bird machine thing that bobs up and down repeatedly. Kanicus employer will thank me, sack kanicus as he will have an improved worker (kanicus presses a button which raises a gate for work) and then kanicus will finally be able to attend some trips. I will hit up the king himself the omega of Fatality @p1z1 (Josh), we will play overwatch all night and skip both Fatality and Ruin trips <3, we will call @Jordai to come round but ignore him when he knocks on the front door. Oh and If I have the time I will definitely go and give a solid hiding to @Andy dad for conceiving that lil british fag. 


From England I will fly to India and marry @Soniqs cousin Radhika so she can come with me back to Australia, Soniqs will promote me to idk Founder for the deed.


Before I bring Radhika back to Aussie though I will hit up the cuzzys @Kiwis and @James in Aotearoa, we will have a hui and a massive hangi. We will get lit on P and climb mount Taranaki and put a gay lil Ruin flag in the centre. Me and the bros will paddle the waka to Australia for the Aussie irl meet up.


@Murky will be singing Adele's "hello" as the Aussie irl meet up turns into a scrap, Blake @Aust Pride who thinks fighting is an acapella riff off will start coming at Murky with some Justin Bieber. @Ir0ny will be running around getting 1 banged by people like @Out Kast and his lil crew (lays, moey, tait, drop tank). Soniqs will try and make alliances with everyone and end up getting sat for being terrible. @Andre will be chilling in his grandmothers car parked right in front, his grandmother will have locked the car doors to protect her special lil guy. @Age will be stuck in traffic but in reality will be stopped behind Andre's grandmothers car, @Luke will be raging and trying to 1v1 everyone and won't realise that he isn't at the right event. @Nick will be standing there filming it all but not getting involved, at most he will yell out something about fat cocks. @Harley will be getting his long hair braided by @LoveAudrey (Audrey*) who has flown over as @James plus one. The kiwi unit will dominate all until @Murky finishes his singing and throws a boomerang off the back off his kangaroo which takes down @Kiwis and @James


When the sun rises only I will be left standing!

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#272258 How to pronounce "mathematics" ft Olympus

Posted by Andre on 04 September 2016 - 03:02 AM

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#297672 IMPORTANT <...

Posted by Ir0ny on 09 December 2016 - 08:46 AM

Represent Ruin with pride for the rest of your days boys,

those who aren't on there I am deeply sorry as it was not an easy decision on putting people on there.



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#255828 l0l0l

Posted by Jez on 28 July 2016 - 12:44 AM

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#250407 Last night was lit!

Posted by Chrish on 09 July 2016 - 04:12 AM

Met this chick on a tour of Rome yesterday, finished up, went to a coffee shop chilled out and had a bite to eat. Kinda walked around together, offered her some coke and we got lit. Went to a bar got drunk as fuck and headed off to a party at her mates place. Stayed over gave her a piece of the old soniqs.

Did it for my ruin boys.

Goodjob at the full out





What do you think???




Im so fucked just look at me hahahah

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#249731 Euro Trip day 15 recap

Posted by Chrish on 06 July 2016 - 10:21 AM

Hello lads!


Its been awhile! First off i have to say i hope everyone is well! Im loving my time over here with my family in Europe. I've been out 6am-3am most days fucked off my face on cocaine its great haha.


Congrats to the newly promoted lads, you're a bunch of sick cunts and deserve it 100%


Austin welcome back brah, time to go #1 again buddy.


Remy you're a sick cunt, stay shredded brah


James you're the man ily


Kiwis good to see you haven't killed youself


Jordai is a gay cunt. Nuff said. Good to see that cunt gone.


Gj smoking AAO in the past 2 preps, looked easy.




Anyway i have a few photos to share




An orange fight. Smoked some cunt in the head, was ez.





Some cocaine before we headed to the leaning tower, Smashed it with the lil bro




Some sick cunt bridge




Some mushies we brought last night, all gone now haha




Tried manscaping, got a ingrown hair fml




Some sick cunt tower




Few lines of coke for breakfast at the hotel




Little brother cooked off his fucking face lmfao




Right beside me




Well im off, gl at sb cup and apex prep and this weekend





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#248681 Another successful vote waste

Posted by Arikinui on 02 July 2016 - 12:38 PM






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#243246 Cerberus is ready

Posted by Tribbyy on 15 June 2016 - 06:36 PM

Better hit the altar before you go anywhere noob
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#150672 from op

Posted by Ross on 12 October 2015 - 04:19 PM

I hear OP is a great clan where everyone can reach their true potential.

Or atleast thats what the bot spamming in edgvil 318 said.
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#324902 IMPORTANT <...

Posted by Chrish on 24 August 2017 - 11:28 AM

Not going to do this in a massive topic, as I'm sure most of you have seen this coming.


Ruin has gone through a lot of changes, all that have affected the clan in a positive way, and this guy was a massive reason as to why Ruin is one of the most active main clans in the game as well as a big contributor to our recent CWA success and improvements.


Well done @Yuzaname, looking forward to working with ya :)

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#291830 RIP OLYMPUS 3-0

Posted by Bryan on 28 October 2016 - 10:49 PM


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#270792 Ayyyyy COTM Banner

Posted by Figment on 01 September 2016 - 04:47 PM

They released it yay



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#248435 Made this for all of you doom fans <3

Posted by Foosacklys on 01 July 2016 - 12:40 PM


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Posted by Allen on 15 May 2016 - 08:48 AM

It's bout get orgasmic as fuck I suggest you start coming back im telling you











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#211465 Ruin

Posted by Cemetxry on 28 February 2016 - 06:57 PM

So I Been Thinking & I think I want back in on Ruin. these last 2 trips I been on one against Slaugther few days ago & the pk trip yesterday f2p and lavas. I missed you guys :( .

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#203357 when u lose 400m at arena but still wana brid

Posted by n5_ on 31 January 2016 - 10:32 PM

bridding in grave digger legs and water staff because i staked all my gp and lost w00h000


some clips have black borders because i'm a hectic cunt that likes to take people by surprise


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#199077 hey :b

Posted by Sage on 17 January 2016 - 04:56 AM



What is your In-game Name/IRL name?

Big Sage - 108

Sagexis - 73


IRL = Sage


What is your age?



What timezone are you in?



Do you have any previous clanning history? If so, tell us about it.


Ex Oldschool Crimson Project

Ex Elite of We Are Royalty

Ex Council of Supremacy

Ex Elite of Olympus


Current Elite of The Last Pures


How did you find out about Ruin?



Do you plan on joining Ruin?

Do birds fly?


Tell us about yourself

My Name is Sage, I'm a huge Penguins, and Steelers fan, currently in college, I study in Pittsburgh :D

Rs- been pure clanning since 2010.. I really enjoy pure clanning, PVM,  & 1V1 in Edge




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#191254 Braden

Posted by Braden on 25 December 2015 - 11:44 PM

Nice GFX that my mate did for me :3 it's pretty cool right? :3



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#166090 Ruin's 80 pull saturday Ft. the Alliance/AAO/Cd in Ruin capes?

Posted by Kev on 15 November 2015 - 02:22 AM

 Ruin left mass with 80 cunts and walked straight into multi letting off that #pray4paris spam<3. Mainted 60 ingame the whole trip throughout a lot of weird clusters.
shoutouts btw shoutouts
-Doom and Olympus for wearing the same cape. Only took you 2 weekends of teaming to finally merge!
-Cd for bringing our capes from the get go. Horrible idea idk why you did it but you fucked over every clan today gj.
-Doom for logging from a clean 1v1 at Ca and then being dicked 'til the opts were 80v50, right as Cd crashed.
-Olympus for pulling 25 less and being in Doom capes the whole trip. Carried by Cp and other Hpc's every trip, carried by Apex in the 2v2, carried by Doom today - embarrassment of a clan. You are the bitches in the alliance, btw. The shit on Doom's shoe - remember that. Remember we did this to you. 
-AAO for sniping us every fight we had :(.
You should be thanking Cd for saving you from complete irrelevancy. I hope your teaming trip went down well with your members! I know if I was in Olympus I wouldn't be satisfied in pulling 25 less thanmy 'rivals' and having to wear another clan's cape the whole trip LMFAO.
Seeing as no clans have balls, we initiated the first fight of the trip (as usual). We caught Doom offguard at chaos altar and as soon as we rushed they all logged. (lmfao Op wasn't ready)
Next we hit Cd vs Doom just south of 13 ports and Cd switched to our capes straight away. Smh. Not wanting to 140v60 we did our own thing, moving north west and catching a fall-in. (Op still hadn't left mass btw lol)
We moved to maze, crashing AAO who were fighting some random clan idk. Both logged.

After clearing that up, Doom rushed us offguard while we were picking off some mains. They came in with cringey as fuck spams but idk I felt embarrassed when 30 seconds later they were already down 15 opts. After about a minute or two of fighting the cape counter was sitting at 80v50, in Ruin's favour. Cd rushed and Doom pulled to single. Was a shame we didn't get to finish the 1v1 but the outcome was obvious. Gf Doom.
At first we didn't even notice (nice pull) but we had a whole colony of rats sniping us from the south. When Soniqs snapped out of his daze (was high af from smoking Doom) and noticed the little scum nebbing at our heels, he called a push and sent Olympus down single strip. What were you thinking coming out of multi without the aid of Doom?
Next we ran down to black knights hill and hit Doom vs Cd, chasing both clans to sperm. Cd were clearing Doom up (in our capes) so we took ours off and sniped the back of them all the way to corp. Cd dipped at corp just as Doom re-rushed making it a clean 1v1. We were popping Doom kids with ease.... They were dying to us over and over until Cd crashed and we let them both be.
Doom Olympus rushed us north of ca with the same cape. Had to dip out was like 120v70 on the cape counter.... embarrassing.
When Cd made their way up, we managed to get together and walked the alliance from corp hill>north east of corp hill>south of boneyard>back to corp hill>18 ports>pond>north of corp hill and back to corp. Gf was ez when we weren't outnumbered by 50. Throughout this fight AAO were sniping us from behind so we had to stop, do a 180 and clear them a few times.
After this we regrouped at edge. Doom logged in and spammed their cringey spams - you geeks talk too much stfu you lost. Olympus, late as usual, logged in with 30 fucking people and tried to copy their butt buddies LMFAO. Weak spams for a weak fucking clan.
We met up with Olympus west of 13s, tussling with them in single before pulling directly onto the ports. Olympus shortly followed and after their shitter members bowed to our bows we sent them back to single (as fucking usual lmfao) with one fucking scim push. Your clan is so fucking bad ha ha ha :). After this Doom rushed in late from the north east, as Olympus re-rushed from the west so ye we died was like 90v65 (2 clans against 1 and only 25 pull of a difference lol. We tried manouvering it a little and waited for Cd but they were too slow. 
Didn't get as much action as we'd hoped against Olympus today because they were in another clan's capes the whole trip LOL. We killed your clan, stole your members, forced you to wear adamant and forced you into wearing another clan's cape. 15% of your pull is spies boys! The rivalry was easy btw lasted 3 weeks lmao. See you tomorrow and hopefully Cd rethink what they did today - that way you have no excuses not to be in your own cape lmao you're fucked.

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